Human Galectin-1 Quantikine ELISA Kit

Human Galectin-1 Quantikine ELISA Kit
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Assay Type:Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
Format:96-well strip plate
Assay Length:4.5 hours
Sample Type & Volume Required Per Well:Cell Culture Supernates (50 µL), Serum (10 µL), EDTA Plasma (10 µL), Heparin Plasma (10 µL), Saliva (50 µL), Human Milk (50 µL)
Sensitivity:0.129 ng/mL
Assay Range:0.313 - 20 ng/mL (Serum, Heparin Plasma, Saliva, Cell Culture Supernates, Human Milk, EDTA Plasma)
Specificity:Natural and recombinant human Galectin-1
Cross-reactivity:< 0.5% cross-reactivity observed with available related molecules. < 50% cross-species reactivity observed with species tested.
Interference:No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
Product Summary:

The Quantikine Human Galectin-1 Immunoassay is a 4.5 hour solid-phase ELISA designed to measure human Galectin-1 in cell culture supernates, serum, plasma, saliva, and human milk. It contains E. coli-expressed recombinant human Galectin-1 and has been shown to accurately quantitate the recombinant factor. Results obtained using natural human Galectin-1 showed linear curves that were parallel to the standard curves obtained using the Quantikine kit standards. These results indicate that this kit can be used to determine relative mass values for naturally occurring Galectin-1.


Intra-Assay Precision (Precision within an assay)Three samples of known concentration were tested on one plate to assess intra-assay precision.

Inter-Assay Precision (Precision between assays)Three samples of a known concentration were tested in separate assays to assess inter-assay precision. Assays were performed by at least three technicians using two lots of kit components.

Cell Culture Supernates, Serum, EDTA Plasma, Heparin Plasma, Saliva, Human Milk
Intra-Assay Precision Inter-Assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3 1 2 3
n 20 20 20 20 20 20
Mean 1.96 4.66 8.51 2.07 5.02 9.37
Standard Deviation 0.139 0.408 0.483 0.197 0.444 0.701
CV% 7.1 8.8 5.7 9.5 8.8 7.5


The recovery of Galectin-1 spiked to levels throughout the range of the assay was evaluated.

Sample Type Average % Recovery Range %
Serum (n=4) 96 82-104
EDTA Plasma (n=4) 96 87-102
Heparin Plasma (n=4) 93 80-102
Cell Culture Media (n=4) 102 93-115


To assess the linearity of the assay, samples containing high concentrations of Galectin-1 were serially diluted with Calibrator Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.