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Human FGF R4 MAb (Clone 137114), Mouse IgG2A
Clone 137114 was used by HLDA to establish CD designation
WB MAB685 500 µg $335
Phospho-FGF R1-4 (Y653/Y654) Affinity Purified Polyclonal Ab, Rabbit IgG WB, ICC AF3285 50 µg $289
Human FGF R4 MAb (Clone 240929), Rat IgG2A WB, IHC, ICC, FC MAB6852 100 µg $249
Mouse FGF R4 Affinity Purified Polyclonal Ab, Goat IgG IHC, WB AF2265 100 µg $359
Mouse FGF R4 Biotinylated Affinity Purified PAb, Goat IgG IHC, WB BAF2265 50 µg $390
Human FGF R4 Phycoerythrin MAb (Clone 240929), Rat IgG2A FC FAB6852P 100 Tests $305
Human FGF R4 Allophycocyanin MAb (Clone 240929), Rat IgG2A FC FAB6852A 100 Tests $349