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Human FCRL2/FcRH2 Affinity Purified Polyclonal Ab, Goat IgG Flow, WB AF2048 100 µg $329
Recombinant Human FCRL2/FcRH2, CF 2048-FC-050 50 µg $329
Human FCRL2/FcRH2 MAb (Clone 296902), Mouse IgG1
Clone 296902 was used by HLDA to establish CD designation
Flow, WB MAB2048 100 µg $249
Human FCRL2/FcRH2 (NP_110391) VersaClone cDNA RDC0742 10 µg $199
Proteome Profiler Human Phospho-Immunoreceptor Array Kit
Contains 4 membranes - each spotted in duplicate with 59 different immunoreceptor antibodies
ARY004B 1 Kit $499