Product Search Tips

In addition to being faster, our enhanced search function offers more control. The Product Search feature includes the following matching options:

Wild Cards

The search function defaults to an exact match. Using wild cards, you can control when to use partial matching to optimize your search. A wild card includes any letter or number. Use "*" for multiple character wild card. Hyphens do not affect search results. For example:

Search Term Results
IL-2 all IL-2 products
IL-2* all products for IL-2, 20, 21, 22, 23, etc.
IL-2R no results
IL-2 R only products for IL-2 R
IL* R all products for IL-2 R, IL-3 R, IL-10 R, etc.

Note: Beginning search terms with a wild card (e.g. "*cd") can cause slow search times and is not supported.

Boolean Operators

Allows you to use AND, OR, and NOT to further specify your search. Boolean searches can be further refined by grouping terms using (). For example:

Search Term Results
IL-2 all IL-2 products
IL-2 AND human only human IL-2 products
IL-2 NOT human all IL-2 products except human
IL-2 OR IL-6 both IL-2 and IL-6 products
(human OR mouse) IL-2 only human and mouse IL-2 products

Fuzzy Searches

Append a tilde (~) to the end of the term to find similar matches. This can be useful for terms that are difficult to spell or may have similar alternate spellings. For example:

Search Term Results
Erythropoietin all Erythropoietin products
Erythropoitin no results
Erythropoitin~ all Erythropoietin products

Narrow Your Search Results

Search results can be narrowed further by using the filters on the left of the results page.