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Festive Quiz

The Novus Biologicals HIF-1 alpha Antibody (NB100-449) is validated for use in which one of these three festive species?
Factor IX is also commonly known as?
What is the name of the R&D Systems range of antibody conjugates which are resistant to photobleaching?
Antibodies against which Christmas character can be found in the Novus Biologicals catalog?
Searching for an ‘angel’ in Tocris toolbar returns which of our Protein kinase C activators?
Which recombinant protein with a festive name can be found in the R&D Systems catalog?
What cold winter word is the name for one of our isoelectric focussing ProteinSimple platforms?
Which antibody name sounds like it belongs to a Christmas fruit can be found in the Novus Biologicals catalog?
Search for the alternative name for PEO1 to find a descriptive word for a Christmas star
Using one of our Novus Biologicals antibody labelling kits you can label your antibodies with . . .
Which common Christmas gift is a family of transcription factors, to which we provide many reagents?
Which of these custom services from R&D Systems are available to you this festive season?