Quarterly Antibody Product and Data Update: Edition #1

Friday, May 11, 2018 - 14:29
Antibody Product Update

New Products and Antibody Validation

Recombinant Antibodies
New Recombinant Antibodies Added Every Week: Over 700 Antibodies and Growing
Biology introduces more than enough variability for researchers to worry about without adding inconsistent reagents to the equation. Start minimizing one major source of experimental variability in your research by using recombinant antibodies. We offer recombinant antibodies from rabbit, mouse, rat, and goat host species. Learn more about our Recombinant Antibodies!
Recombinant Antibody Conversion Service
Recombinant Antibody Conversion Service
Take advantage of our expertise in molecular biology and antibody production. Our experience in converting hybridoma cell lines to recombinant antibodies makes us ideally suited to provide this service. Scale up to gram quantities, take advantage of our antibody engineering services, and stay focused on your research. Watch our custom services video!
Blocking antibodies for B7 family members
New Blocking Antibodies for B7 Family Members
Several B7 family members, including B7-H3, B7-H4, VISTA/B7-H5, and B7-H7, have been shown to modulate T cell proliferation and cytokine production. Our blocking antibodies are ideal tools for examining immunomodulatory relationships in your immune checkpoint blockade research. See our B7 blocking antibodies.
Antibody Specificity
Validating Antibody Specificity Using Knockout Cell Lines
Everyone using antibodies is concerned about specificity. R&D Systems® is validating our antibodies using CRISPR-based knockouts in over 10 cell models against a growing number of targets. Spend more time on your research using highly validated antibodies and avoid concerns over specificity. See our updated list of knockout-validated antibodies.
Flow Cytometry Workflow Solutions
Flow Cytometry Workflow Solutions
Flow Cytometry, as a process for identifying cell populations, encompasses more than detection of cell markers by fluorescently labeled antibodies. R&D Systems® offers a wide range of products to fit your cell selection and detection workflow. We have your workflow solutions, whether you are:
  • Starting with a mixed cell population and wish to enrich for a specific subset of cells
  • Differentiating and expanding immune cells or stem cells
  • Assembling a panel of antibodies to detect and define cell populations
See our flow cytometry workflow solutions.


GMP Raw Materials for Cell Therapy Webinar
Webinar: Relax and Go with the Flow: Demystifying Multi-Parameter Flow Cytometry
In this introductory level webinar, you will learn the basics of how flow cytometry works including how to optimally set up and run a multi-parameter experiment. We will highlight the following topics:
Flow Cytometry webinar
Webinar: Turning Flow Cytometry Upside Down and Inside Out: Cellular Function Revealed
In the second webinar, you will learn how to apply basic concepts of flow cytometry to topics such as cell proliferation, dead cell exclusion, and intracellular staining techniques for transcription factors and phospho-proteins. In particular, you will learn the importance of:
  • Titrating cell proliferation dyes and flow antibodies for optimal results
  • How dead cell exclusion and staining temperatures of surface markers can influence interpretation of your data
  • Different fixation and permeabilization buffers and their use in detecting transcription factors and secreted cytokines vs. phospho-proteins. Watch the webinar and learn advance flow cytometry techniques!
Recombinant antibodies webinar
Webinar: Recombinant Antibodies – Four Species, Endless Possibilities
This webinar will introduce the different concepts of recombinant antibodies and specifically the approach that Bio-Techne has taken to develop new tools and technologies in combining our extensive experiences in molecular biology and antibody development. Dr. Birte Aggeler presents data on recombinant rabbit monoclonals, hybridoma conversion antibodies (rat and mouse), and our new line of goat monoclonals. Once an antibody has been cloned the possibilities of modifications and additions are wide open and we present data on Fab’2, Fc mutations to eliminate non-specific binding to monocytes as well as isotype changes and early work with enzyme modifications.
Watch the recombinant antibodies webinar now.
Upcoming Webinar to Support AstraZeneca
Upcoming Webinar Registration: Validating Antibodies to Support the AstraZeneca Drug Discovery Pipeline
Join Dr. Carly Dix, Senior Research Scientist at AstraZeneca, as she outlines strategies for ensuring appropriate antibody selection and validation, comprising careful assessment of antibody specificity, selectivity and reproducibility. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how AstraZeneca applies expertise and knowledge to deliver fit-for-purpose antibodies across AZ’s drug discovery projects, to ensure the robustness of science and support the development of innovative medicines. Scheduled for June 21st, 2018.  Register for the antibody validation webinar now.


eBook: Foundations of Immuno-oncology
eBook: Foundations of Immuno-oncology
In this eBook, we examine the complexity of the tumor microenvironment, explore technologies that are innovating basic and translational research, and strategies that are advancing immunotherapy into the clinic. Topic covered:
  • Tumor Microenvironment
  • Immune Checkpoints
  • Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Small Molecules and Immuno-Oncology
  • Cell-based Therapeutics
  • Cytokines and Immunotherapy
  • Tools to Advance Your Immuno-Oncology Research
Download the Immuno-oncology eBook now.
T Cell Co-Signaling Pathway
T Cell Co-Signaling Pathway: Ligand-Receptor Interactions
This helpful, interactive guide shows how different members of the IgSF or TNFRSF co-signaling receptors affect T cell activation. It is conveniently grouped by subfamilies including B7/CD28, Butyrophilins, CD2/SLAM, TIM, to name a few. Explore T cell co-signaling pathways now.
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