Tips for Adult Stem Cell Differentiation using MimEX™ Reagents

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 10:15

MimEX™ Tissue Model Systems provide a robust system to generate accessible ex vivo 3-D tissue from epithelial-derived organs. This short video focuses on tips to optimize the differentiation of MimEX Tissue in an air-liquid interface. This includes helpful information on harvesting adult stem cells for differentiation, optimizing the setup of transwell inserts, and monitoring and identifying successful versus unsuccessful differentiation in the air-liquid interface system.

In this protocol you will learn:

  • Optimal harvesting density of adult stem cells
  • Ideal structure of a healthy adult stem cell colony
  • Troubleshooting fibroblast contamination when isolating adult stem cells from biopsy tissue
  • Tips for working with transwell inserts
  • Expected cytoarchitectural changes during adult stem cell differentiation
  • Tips to identify successfully differentiating tissue


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