Webinar: Planning for Success: Emerging GMP-Grade Raw Materials & Technologies for Cell Therapy

Monday, May 06, 2019 - 09:24
Speakers for Emerging GMP-Grade Raw Materials & Technologies for Cell Therapy Webinar

Watch our panel of industry leading experts on the Cell and Gene Therapy Insights webinar where they have discussed planning for the successful development of new cell therapies using new raw materials and technologies. Topics and questions that have been covered in this webinar include:

  • Raw material optimization – where can optimization be most beneficial to your cell therapy manufacturing process?
  • Best Practices and factors that can affect forecasting in the Cell and Gene Therapy field.
  • The risk assessment and challenges for new raw material, and adaptation of new technologies in cell therapy processes.
  • Regulatory considerations when introducing new raw materials and technologies into established processes.
  • Scale up and production – unique raw material manufacturer supply challenges and solutions; the importance of establishing a secure raw material supply

Webinar Panel

Sean Kevlahan
PhD, Senior Director of Cell and Gene Therapy at Bio-Techne

Lisa Fox
Co-Founder, Broken Lance Biotech Consulting

Ángel Herrero Méndez
PhD, Head of Pharmaceutical Development, Takeda Madrid – Cell Therapy Technology Center, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co.

Markéta Horálková
Supply Chain Manager, Sotio a.s.

Dr Patrick Ginty
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Discover solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy with Bio-Techne

Learn how Bio-Techne can work with you to optimize, de- risk and scale up your Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturing processes utilising our trusted, innovative and flexible tools:

Manufacturing Solutions - Cell Separation
Through our innovative cell selection technologies and robust flow cytometry antibodies for cell quantification: Bio-Techne provides you the tools needed to obtain and quantify many different populations for manufacturing.

Manufacturing Solutions - Cell Culture and Activation
Ensure robust performance from the critical raw materials utilised in your cell manufacturing workflows with Bio-Techne’s suite of innovative GMP-compliant reagents.

Genetic Modifications
The latest member of the Bio-Techen family B-Mogen focuses on delivering complex genome engineering projects providing propriety cutting edge gene delivery and editing tools to enable faster research and cost-effective therapies.

Analytical Solutions
A safe and consistent cell therapy product requires stringent, sensitive, and standardizes assays to document purity and quality. Our pioneering technologies allow you to generate reliable and accurate quality control data: while ensuring your cell therapy gets to the clinic as quickly as possible.

Custom Solutions
Our custom manufacturing services range from GMP-grade proteins to complex media to in-vitro modifications to custom construct design and processing.



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