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Platelet Adhesion Proteins and Ligands


Overview of Platelet Adhesion Proteins and Ligands Platelets adhere to the vascular endothelium at sites of endothelial injury where extracellular matrix (ECM) components in the sub-endothelial space are exposed to the circulation. GP family glycoproteins mediate rapid tethering to ECM molecules at these sites. Integrin heterodimers become activated and then provide robust platelet adhesion....

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Bioactivity of Blood Coagulation Proteins

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Get Superior Bioactivity with R&D Systems® Coagulation Proteins R&D Systems is the world’s premiere source of recombinant proteins. Extensive quality control produces industry leading bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency that instills confidence in results and ensures reproducibility. Our recombinant proteins in the coagulation cascade are tested for activity in biologically relevant...

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Platelet Activation Granule Release

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Activated platelets rapidly release the contents of three distinct types of preformed intracellular vesicles. Dense granules contain phosphates, purines, and bioactive amines. Lysosomes contain glycosidases and acid proteases. Proteins from alpha granule membranes localize to the platelet surface upon granule release and contribute to platelet adhesion and activation. Alpha granules contain a...

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Luminex Analytes by Research Topic

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Adipokine/Obesity Angiogenesis Bone Proteins Cardiovascular Disease CD8+ T cell Chemokines Complement Inflammation Kidney Biomarker Liver Proteins Myokines Neurodegenerative Disorders Neurological Disorders Neurological Panel Oncology Proteases Protease Inhibitors Sepsis Soluble Receptors Soluble Receptors, Hematopoietic Soluble Receptors,...

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Atherosclerosis Disease Progression Cell Markers

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Click on the tabs below for flow cytometry phenotyping suggestions and extended lists of secreted, cell surface, and intracellular markers. Each link will direct you to our product offerings for the study of these cells and molecules. For a broader representation of atherosclerosis, please view our poster Atherosclerosis Disease Progression. Request Poster   Myeloid...

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