Flow Cytometry Antibodies for Natural Killer Cell Research Offered in New Size Options

R&D Systems has introduced a 25-test size of its fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies against natural killer (NK) cell-associated molecules.

25-test size antibodies:

  • Present a budget-friendly option that meets multiple research needs
  • Are ideal for pilot experiments or trial testing of an antibody
  • Come bottled in microcentrifuge-ready amber polypropolyene copolymer vials
Molecule Species Clone Fluorochrome-Conjugate Catalog #
Fc gamma RIII (CD16) Human 245536 APC FAB2546A
      PerCP FAB2546C
      Fluorescein FAB2546F
      Phycoerythrin FAB2546P
  Mouse 275003 APC FAB19601A
      PerCP FAB19601C
      Fluorescein FAB19601F
      Alexa Fluor™ 700 FAB19601N
      Phycoerythrin FAB19601P
ILT2/CD85j Human 292305 APC FAB20171A
      Fluorescein FAB20171F
      Phycoerythrin FAB20171P
ILT3/CD85k Human 293623 APC FAB24251A
      Fluorescein FAB24251F
      Phycoerythrin FAB24251P
ILT4/CD85d Human 287219 APC FAB2078A
      Fluorescein FAB2078F
      PerCP FAB2078C
      Alexa Fluor 700 FAB2078N
      Phycoerythrin FAB2078P
ILT5/CD85a Human 222821 APC FAB1806A
      Phycoerythrin FAB1806P
KIR2DL1/CD158a Human 143211 APC FAB1844A
      PerCP FAB1844C
      Fluorescein FAB1844F
      Alexa Fluor 700 FAB1844N
      Phycoerythrin FAB1844P
KIR2DL3/CD158b2 Human 180701 APC FAB2014A
      PerCP FAB2014C
      Fluorescein FAB2014F
      Phycoerythrin FAB2014P
KIR2DL4/CD158d Human 181703 APC FAB2238A
      Fluorescein FAB2238F
      Phycoerythrin FAB2238P
KIR2DS4/CD158i Human 179315 APC FAB1847A
      AlexaFluor 488 FAB1847G
      Phycoerythrin FAB1847P
KIR3DL1 Human 177407 APC FAB12251A
      Fluorescein FAB12251F
      Phycoerythrin FAB12251P
    DX9 APC FAB1225A
      Phycoerythrin FAB1225P
KIR3DL2/CD158k Human 539304 APC FAB2878A
      PerCP FAB2878C
      Alexa Fluor 700 FAB2878N
      Phycoerythrin FAB2878P
MICA Human 159227 APC FAB1300A
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB1300G
      Phycoerythrin FAB1300P
MICA/B Human 159207 APC FAB13001A
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB13001G
      Phycoerythrin FAB13001P
MICB Human 236511 APC FAB1599A
      PerCP FAB1599C
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB1599G
      Phycoerythrin FAB1599P
NCAM-1/CD56 Human 301040 APC FAB2408A
      Phycoerythrin FAB2408P
  Mouse 809220 APC FAB7820A
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB7820G
      Phycoerythrin FAB7820P
NKG2A/CD159a Human 131411 APC FAB1059A
      PerCP FAB1059C
      Alexa Fluor 700 FAB1059N
      Phycoerythrin FAB1059P
  Mouse 705829 APC FAB6867A
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB6867G
      Phycoerythrin FAB6867P
NKG2C/CD159c Human 134591 APC FAB138A
      PerCP FAB138C
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB138G
      Alexa Fluor 700 FAB138N
      Phycoerythrin FAB138P
NKG2D/CD314 Human 149810 APC FAB139A
      PerCP FAB139C
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB139G
      Alexa Fluor 700 FAB139N
      Phycoerythrin FAB139P
  Mouse 191004 APC FAB1547A
      Fluorescein FAB1547F
      Phycoerythrin FAB1547P
NKp30/NCR3 Human 201845 APC FAB1849A
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB1849G
      Phycoerythrin FAB1849P
NKp44/NCR2 Human 253415 APC FAB22491A
      Phycoerythrin FAB22491P
NKp46/NCR1 Human 195314 APC FAB1850A
      Fluorescein FAB1850F
      Phycoerythrin FAB1850P
  Mouse 29A1.4 APC FAB22252A
      PerCP FAB22252C
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB22252G
      Alexa Fluor 700 FAB22252N
      Phycoerythrin FAB22252P
  Mouse Polyclonal Fluorescein FAB2225F
      Phycoerythrin FAB2225P
NKp80/KLRF1 Human 239127 APC FAB1900A
      Phycoerythrin FAB1900P
NTB-A/SLAMF6 Human 292811 APC FAB19081A
      PerCP FAB19081C
      Fluorescein FAB19081F
      Phycoerythrin FAB19081P
Siglec-3/CD33 Human 6C5/2 APC FAB1137A
      Fluorescein FAB1137F
      Phycoerythrin FAB1137P
Siglec-7/CD328 Human 194211 APC FAB11381A
      Alexa Fluor 488 FAB11381G
      Phycoerythrin FAB11381P
Siglec-9 Human 191240 APC FAB1139A
      Fluorescein FAB1139F
      Phycoerythrin FAB1139P