Recombinant Human and Mouse IFN-beta from R&D Systems

R&D Systems now offers its own in-house manufactured versions of Recombinant Human and Mouse IFN-beta that offer a much better value than the closest competitor. Compare quantity, units, activity, endotoxin levels, and units per dollar for yourself using the table below.

Buy Human IFN-beta   Buy Mouse IFN-beta
  R&D Systems (Catalog
# 8499-IF)
Closest competitor   R&D Systems (Catalog
# 8234-MB)
Closest competitor
Species Human Human   Mouse Mouse
Source CHO Mammalian   HEK-293 Mammalian
Mass per vial* 10 µg 1.8 µg   10 µg 0.5 µg
Unit Equivalents per vial 2,800,000** 320,000   3,600,000 180,000
Activity (ED50) 22 pg/mL 46 pg/mL   3 pg/mL 3 pg/mL
Endotoxin specification <0.1 EU/µg <1.0 EU/µg   <0.1 EU/µg <1.0 EU/µg
Price $239 $309   $239 $249
Units per dollar 11,716 1,036   15,063 723

*Mass was calculated for competitor proteins using the Certificate of Analysis provided with the product. The equivalent units for R&D Systems IFN-beta were extrapolated and both units and mass are shown for a direct comparison. To determine the ED50, proteins were compared side-by-side in an anti-viral assay using L 929 mouse fibroblast cells or Hela human cervical carcimoma cells infected with encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus.

**Units were calibrated against Recombinant Human IFN-beta WHO international standard (NIBSC code 00/572).