Recombinant Human and Mouse IFN-beta from R&D Systems

R&D Systems now offers its own in-house manufactured versions of Recombinant Human and Mouse IFN-beta that offer a much better value than the closest competitor. Compare quantity, units, activity, endotoxin levels, and units per dollar for yourself using the table below.

Recombinant Human IFN Beta Recombinant Mouse IFN Beta

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  R&D Systems (Catalog
# 8499-IF)
Closest competitor   R&D Systems (Catalog
# 8234-MB)
Closest competitor
Species Human Human   Mouse Mouse
Source CHO Mammalian   HEK-293 Mammalian
Mass per vial* 10 µg 1.8 µg   10 µg 0.5 µg
Unit Equivalents per vial 2,800,000** 320,000   12,900,000*** 180,000
Activity (ED50) 22 pg/mL 46 pg/mL   3 pg/mL 3 pg/mL
Endotoxin specification <0.1 EU/µg <1.0 EU/µg   <0.1 EU/µg <1.0 EU/µg
Price $239 $309   $239 $249
Units per dollar 11,716 1,036   53,975 723

*Mass was calculated for competitor proteins using the Certificate of Analysis provided with the product. The equivalent units for R&D Systems IFN-beta were extrapolated and both units and mass are shown for a direct comparison. To determine the ED50, proteins were compared side-by-side in an anti-viral assay using L 929 mouse fibroblast cells or Hela human cervical carcimoma cells infected with encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus.

**Units were calibrated against Recombinant Human IFN-beta WHO international standard (NIBSC code 00/572).

***Units were calibrated against Murine IFN-beta WHO International Standard (NR-3079) obtained through the NIH Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository, NIAID, NIH