Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, and Isotype Controls

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Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, and Isotype Controls

An antibody is a Y shaped protein that is secreted by B cells in the immune system and recognizes a specific protein or molecule. Due to the highly specific nature of antibodies, they can be used as powerful tools for research to detect targets of interest. Over the years a variety of techniques and applications have been developed using antibodies. These include Immunoassays, Flow CytometryImmunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Western blotting, and more.

R&D Systems offers a wide range of antibodies to cytokines, adhesion molecules, proteases, neurotrophic factors, stem cell factors, signal transduction molecules, and developmental proteins. Monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies are available conjugated to fluorescent or enzymatic labels or unconjugated. With over 26,000 antibody products validated in 25+ species and 15+ applications, our antibodies fit into all workflows. Complete your experimental design with secondary antibodies and isotype control antibodies.

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Primary Antibodies

Primary antibodies are used to detect a wide range of targets in variety of applications. R&D Systems offers an extensive catalog of primary antibodies to take your research to the next level. We offer traditional monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies as well as recombinant antibodies. We provide multiple size options from our sample size to test an antibody to our ability to scale up antibody product and provide large quantity bulk sizes.

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Secondary Antibodies & Isotype Controls

Our comprehensive selection of secondary antibodies provides reliable detection and amplification of primary antibody signals. Additionally, our isotype controls offer tools for establishing baseline levels of non-specific binding, ensuring the specificity of your experimental results.


Antibodies by Applications

R&D Systems offers a diverse selection of antibodies with a proven track record of performance. We offer antibodies meticulously validated by our in-house scientists to ensure accurate and reproducible results. Our validated antibody catalog spans various research areas such as immunology, cell biology, and neuroscience, enabling you to discover the ideal antibody for your research needs.

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Antibody Quality and Reproducibility

R&D Systems carefully tests every antibody we produce to ensure outstanding performance. Our commitment and approach to quality allows you to be confident in your results and help you generate publication-quality data.

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Results are everything, trust our antibodies. Learn about our commitment to antibody reproducibility.

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Learn how our attention to quality allows us to offer a 100% guarantee on all our products and provide first class customer support.


Antibody Protocols

Gain insights into the protocols followed by R&D Systems to validate and test our antibodies. Discover the rigorous conditions and methods we utilize to ensure the quality and reliability of our antibodies and reagents.

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Flow Cytometry Training Webinars

In this series of webinars, we will provide investigators with the necessary tools to design, run, and analyze a multi-parameter flow cytometric experiment. Flow cytometry is a powerful technique that allows researchers to examine multiple proteins on cell populations using fluorescently labeled antibodies. In order to maximize the quality of results obtained, researchers should become familiar with the basics when setting up an experiment.

Flow Cytometry Training Webinar