Cellular and Genome Engineering Services

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Your Favorite Genes... In Your Favorite Cell

R&D Systems offers cell engineering services that utilize our innovative editing technologies and vast cell culture experience. Our premier editing platforms enable efficient engineering across any primary cell type, from stem cells to specific immune cell populations. Our team specializes in the complex and hard-to-transfect cell lines. We come through where others before us have failed.


Cell and Gene Engineering Services

Partner with our expert development team to design and engineer the cell lines essential to your research. We specialize in complex genome editing projects so you can focus on your discovery.


Cell Lines

Take full advantage of our engineering expertise, including traditional methods, viral vectors, and transposons to generate custom engineered transformed cell lines.

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Primary Cells

Solve your primary cell editing problems by leveraging the expertise of R&D Systems scientists. Generate the high frequency targeted edits you need to accelerate your research.

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Pluripotent Stem Cells

Outsource your routine and complex pluripotent stem cell culture operations to our experts.

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Cell Line Engineering: From Easy to Complex, We Deliver Fast

Build your engineered cell line

  • Select from knockout cell clones, knockin cell clones, knockout/in cell pools or validated guides.
  • Get started using genome engineering faster.
  • Get more efficient research protocols when we do the editing for you.
  • Get results you can trust.

TcBuster for Stable Cell Line Engineering


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Cell Line Engineering Workflow

Consult and Prepare Step 1 - Cell Line Engineering

Consult and Prepare

Talk with our gene editing experts to ensure optimal guide design for your project

Select and Expand Step 2 - Cell Line Engineering

Let us edit, select and expand the cells

Cells maintain high functionality and viability

Validation Step 3 - Cell Line Engineering

Validation of engineered cells

PCR, Western blot, flow cytometry, and functional tests are available

Customizable Deliverables Step 4 - Cell Line Engineering

Customizable Deliverables

From the number and quantity of cells/vial to custom testing and datasheet preparation, we are flexible to suit your needs. Other deliverables include wild-type clones, validation data, and back-up storage of engineered cells at our facility


Engineering Services for Primary Cells

Leverage our genome engineering expertise across any primary cell type, from stem cells to specific immune cell populations, to generate high frequency gene edits.

Flexible Workflow of Primary Cell Editing

  1. Obtain or isolate desired cells
    • Nearly any cell type (e.g. CD34s, T cells, B cells, MSCs)
    • Isolation of cells at both small or large scales
    • Specific donor characteristics available (HLA type, sex, CMV status, etc.)
  2. Gene engineering/editing with any platform
    • Generation of high frequency gene knockouts, knockins, or multiplex edits
    • Batch record documentation available
  3. Expand cells
    • Maintain high functionality and viability of your cells (typically >95%)
  4. Genetic verification and/or functional analysis
    • Confirm gene editing at genetic level via PCR
    • Western blot or flow cytometry to confirm protein expression
    • Custom functional assays
  5. Cryopreservation in Cryostor media
    • Custom number of cells/vial and number of vials


See How Easy Working With Us Can Be

graphic of Gene Knockout in Primary T Cells data

Gene Knockout in Primary Human T Cells. Primary human T cells were collected from 3 donors and CRISPR-Cas9 methods were used to perform single (KO) or double (DKO) knock out of two genes for the creation of engineered cell lines. Western blot analysis shows that our editing methods resulted in the efficient single or double knock down of two genes across the 3 donors.



Pluripotent Stem Cell Engineering and Culture Services

Our team of stem cell engineering scientists has expertise working with multiple pluripotent stem cell culture platforms to provide the flexibility to meet your needs. Partner with us to save time and eliminate hassle, to let your scientists focus on their research.


Our Pluripotent Stem Cell Editing Workflow

graphic of Pluripotent Stem Cell Editing Workflow

PSC Service Options and Deliverables

  • All PSC cell culture projects include sequence analysis, karyotyping and mycoplasma testing.
  • Xeno-free reprogramming options include: heterozygous or homozygous gene knockouts, gene correction or replacement, gene insertion / knockin, inducible expression or overexpression
  • Custom vialing; number of clones, cells/vial quantity per your needs
  • Platforms available: feeder-dependant, feeder-free and xeno-free culture options
  • Editing sequence analysis report
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Custom pathogen testing