Cloudz™ Cell Activation Kits

Cloudz immune cell therapy kits

Dissolvable Microspheres for Immune Cell Expansion in Cell Therapy

The robust ex vivo expansion of immune cells is a pivotal technique for the development and success of immune cell culture and immune cell therapies. R&D Systems is proud to provide a magnetic-free bead-based technology for the robust and reliable expansion of immune cells. Our pioneering Cloudz expansion technology provides a simple protocol for the expansion of several types of immune cells including T cells, NK cells, and Treg cells. The Cloudz expansion technology is:


Addition of release buffer instantly dissolves Cloudz microspheres for easy cell harvesting.

Fast, easy cell harvesting with addition of release buffer


Magnetic-free separation avoids additional processing that can cause greater cell loss.

Avoid additional processing that causes greater cell loss


Cloudz kits are ready to use with cytokines, growth factors and media from R&D Systems.

Ready to use with cytokines, growth factors and media from R&D Systems

Cloudz™ microspheres with CD3 and CD28 antibodies for T cell expansion


GMP Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kit

T cells can be used as a powerful immunotherapy to fight against cancer and other diseases. The GMP Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kit utilizes dissolvable CD3/CD28 microspheres that can easily be removed from expanded cell cultures. The GMP Cloudz Human T Cell Activation kit supports the expansion of human T cell lines or T cell clones and the stimulation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes.

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Cloudz™ microspheres displaying CD2 and NKp46 antibodies for NK cell expansion


Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit

Natural killer cells are innate lymphoid cells with intrinsic cytoxic and cytokine producing capabilities that play an important role in infection, autoimmunity, and tumor immunosurveillance. The Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit provides a feeder-free expansion protocol that selectively expands NK cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).

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Cloudz™ microspheres displaying CD3 and CD28 antibodies for Treg expansion


Cloudz Human Regulatory T Cell (Treg) Expansion Kits

Both GMP and RUO versions available

Regulatory T cells, also known as suppressor cells, are a subset of CD4+ T cells that maintain immune homeostasis by suppressing immune responses and controlling autoimmune recognition. The Cloudz Human Treg Expansion Kits provide robust expansion of FoxP3+ human Treg cells from CD4+ T cells.

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