Cloudz™ Cell Selection Kits

The Cloudz T Cell Activation Kit

Bio-Techne is utilizing its pioneering Cloudz dissolvable hydrogel to design a cell selection system that enables the gentle capture and release of select cell populations. Using principles for cell selection, this technology is ideal for simplifying cell manufacturing protocols while reducing the risk of bead contamination during downstream cell culture processing. This technology is currently available as a custom service.

Principle of the Technology

Step 1:

Cloudz Particles Bind Desired Cell Population

Cloudz Particles Bind Desired Cell Population

Step 2:

Desired Cells Retained

Desired Cells Retained

Step 3:

Dissolve Cloudz Particles and Collect Desired Cells

Cloudz Particles Bind Desired Cell Population


  • Size exclusion-based cell selection
  • Sequential cell selection available for improved target definition
  • Compatible with multiple clinical expansion platforms
  • Manufactured under GMP controls
  • Customizable for your desired cell population:
    • Modify hydrogel size
    • Define capture antibodies
    • Sequential selection formats


  • Ideal for cell therapy manufacturing
  • Simplified recovery of cells
  • Magnetic-bead free