N21-MAX and N-2 Media Supplement Discount Request

Check out some new data showing improved synaptic function of primary neurons cultured in N21-MAX Media Supplement and then fill out the request form to receive a 50% Discount on a trial vial. Also available for trial is our N-2 MAX Supplement and any other variant of our N21-MAX Media Supplements.

N21-MAX Media Supplement Enhances Synaptic Development. E18 rat hippocampal neurons were grown for 19 days in vitro in media supplemented with either N21-MAX Media Supplement or the neural media supplement from the most widely-used competitor. Cells were incubated with the synaptic vesicle dye, SynaptoRed C2 (10 µM), for 1 minute prior to depolarization with 50 mM KCl. Cells were imaged for SynaptoRed C2-positive synaptic puncta using the Operetta CLS High Content Analysis System. A) Quantification of SynaptoRed C2-positive puncta shows that neurons grown in N21-MAX have an increased number of synaptic puncta compared to the competitor media. B) Quantification of dye intensity shows that neurons grown in N21-MAX have more robust synaptic activity than neurons cultured in the competitor media. C) Representative images of SynaptoRed-C2 staining in neurons cultured in N21-MAX or competitor media. D) Representative images showing the quantification of synaptic puncta in neurons cultured in N21-MAX or competitor media. Colored circles indicate a SynaptoRed-positive synaptic puncta.

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