Primer Pairs for Embryonic Stem Cells

The Human and Mouse/Rat Pluripotent Stem Cell Assessment Primer Pair Panels profile the mRNA transcripts of fourteen genes that are frequently used as markers for molecular characterization of germ cells, ectodermal, endodermal, and mesodermal lineage-committed and undifferentiated embryonic stem cells. A primer pair for GAPDH is included and can be used as a control for successful cDNA synthesis.

Pluripotent Stem Cell Assessment Primer Pair Panels

Primer pair panels have been specifically designed for Human (Catalog # SC012) and Mouse/Rat mRNA (Catalog # SC015).

Kit Contents:

  • Primer Pair for GAPDH
  • Positive Control
  • Primer pairs for:
    AFP HNF-3 beta/FoxA2 PDX1/IPF1
    Brachyury Nanog SOX17
    DPPA5/ESG1 Nestin SOX2
    GAPDH Oct-3/4 Stella/DPPA3
    GATA-4 Otx2 TP63/TP73L
Stem Cell Primer Pairs. PCR products derived from various tissue samples were separated by agarose gel electrophoresis.


Undifferentiated ES Cells Ectodermal Lineage Endodermal Lineage Mesodermal Lineage Germ Cell
DPPA5/ESG1 Nestin AFP Brachyury Stella
Nanog Otx2 GATA-4    
Oct-3/4 TP63 PDX-1    
SOX2 SOX2 SOX17    
    HNF-3 beta