Sample Collection and Shipping Kits

For your convenience, Sample Collection Kits and Shipping Kits are available from R&D Systems Biomarker Testing Service. These kits provide the supplies necessary to safely collect, label, store, and ship patient samples to a desired location where testing of the samples can be performed. Both kits can be customized to meet each customer's sample collection and shipping needs.

Sample Collection Kits

Arranging for collection and shipping from multiple locations can be a logistical challenge. The Biomarker Testing Service Sample Collection Kits are designed to provide everything required for on-site sample collection. Sample Collection Kits can be used to standardize collection and labeling among multiple study sites.

Sample Collection Kits are adaptable to customer requirements and may include:

  • Sample collection tubes
  • Sample labels
  • Transfer pipettes
  • Sample storage tubes
  • Additional supplies as requested
  • A study-specific detailed laboratory manual for on-site collection, collection volumes, and processing and storage instructions
  • Biomarker Testing Service contact information for any questions on-site collection specialists may have

Sample Shipping Kits

Strict regulations exist for the shipping of biohazardous samples. The Biomarker Testing Service Sample Shipping Kit provides the necessary supplies to assure that your valuable samples ship in full compliance with International Air Transportation Association (IATA) regulations and arrive in a timely manner at the desired temperature.

Sample Shipping Kits are fully customizable for individual needs and may include:

  • Insulated shipping box
  • Secondary sample container suitable for biohazardous material
  • IATA required labels
  • Biohazard label
  • Absorbent material
  • Appropriate labeling for frozen, refrigerated, or ambient shipping
  • Packing list
  • Airbill

Client Specimen Shipping Instructions and Fax Back SheetClient Specimen Shipping Instructions and Fax Back Sheet

All samples sent to R&D Systems Biomarker Testing Service must follow the established guidelines for shipping potentially infectious substances within the United States, which are clearly documented in our Client Specimen Shipping Instructions and Fax Back Sheet.

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