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Reg 2

The Reg family constitutes a subset of the calcium-dependent C-type lectin superfamily. These small, secreted proteins have been implicated in a range of physiological processes including acting as acute phase reactants, lectins, survival/growth factors for insulin-producing pancreatic beta-cells, neural cells, and epithelial cells of the digestive system. Studies also indicate a role for Reg family members in tumor formation and indicate their potential for use as biomarkers of carcinogenesis.

Rat Reg 2, also named pancreatitis-associated protein 1 and peptide 23, belongs to the Regenerating gene family (Reg), within the superfamily of C-type lectins. It has been classified as a member of the type III subclass of the Reg family. Rat Reg 2 has anti-apoptotic effects on pancreatic acinar cells and is a novel motor and sensory neuron survival factor.