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Tryptases are serine proteases with trypsin-like specificity. Together with chymases and Cathepsin G, tryptases are important players in mast cell mediation of inflammatory and allergic responses. Tryptase beta-1, also known as mast cell protease 7 (MCPT7), exhibits anticoagulant activity due to its ability to degrade fibrinogen in the presence of a diverse array of protease inhibitors in plasma. Tryptase epsilon, also known as brain-specific serine protease 4 (BSSP-4) and brain serine protease 2 (BSP-2), is encoded by the PRSS22 gene and preferentially expressed in epithelium-rich tissues such as lung and eye. Tryptase gamma-1, also called transmembrane tryptase, is encoded by TPSG1, one of many serine protease genes clustered on human chromosome 16p13.3.