Figure 1. Identification of apoptotic cells using the DePsipher kit (Catalog # TA700). Human INT407 cells were treated with 25 µM etoposide for 8 hours followed by incubation with the DePsipher reagent in Reaction Buffer for 30 minutes prior to visualization. Healthy cells (containing red aggregates) can be differentiated from apoptotic cells (containing only green monomers).

The DePsipher kit contains a lipophilic cation, which can be used as a mitochondrial activity marker. The cation will aggregate upon membrane polarization forming an orange-red fluorescent compound. If the mitochondrial membrane potential is disrupted, the dye cannot access the transmembrane space and remains or reverts to its green monomeric form. The fluorescent labeling can be observed under a microscope or analyzed by flow cytometry.


  • Detect mitochondrial membrane potential disruption in unfixed cells
  • Evaluate viability of a cell population (monolayer or suspension cells)
  • Estimate drug effect(s) or other cytotoxins on a cell population
  • Detect early apoptosis in known models
DePsipher is a trademark of Trevigen, Inc.