Luminex Assays and Instruments

R&D Systems® Luminex® Bead-Based Assays for Multiplexing

R&D Systems offers three bead-based multiplex immunoassay formats utilizing Luminex xMAP® microparticle technology allowing users to better tailor assay selection to their individual research needs. R&D Systems Luminex assays are specifically designed to optimize the benefits and overcome the challenges of multiplexing.

R&D Systems Luminex Assays

Luminex Assays from R&D Systems are designed to maximize multiplexing capacity and flexibility while maintaining assay specificity.

  • Largest Luminex Multiplex Available: simultaneously analyze up to 100 analytes
  • Flexible Analyte Selection: choose from over 300 analytes
  • Unique Analytes Offered: over 75 analytes are exclusively available from R&D Systems
  • Rapidly Expanding Menu: new analytes are released monthly
  • Polystyrene or Magnetic Options: all analytes are available in either the polystyrene or magnetic microparticle format

R&D Systems Luminex High Performance Assays

Luminex High Performance Assays from R&D Systems are designed to maximize assay accuracy and precision while preserving the benefits of multiplexing.

  • Accurate and Reproducible Results: panel development and validation testing are similar to R&D Systems gold-standard Quantikine® ELISA assays
  • Polystyrene or Magnetic Options: select panels are available in either the polystyrene or magnetic microparticle format
  • User-Defined Analyte Selection: choose analytes from established panels and select “premixed” or “end-user mixed” options

R&D Systems Luminex Immunoglobulin Isotyping Assays

Luminex Immunoglobulin Isotyping Assays allow for the simultaneous quantitation of up to six immunoglobulin isotypes.

  • Optimized: All analytes are optimized and tested together for detection of their given analytes in a multiplex setting to ensure the best results possible
  • Flexible: Measure only what you want! Select one or more of the analytes in a given panel
  • Rapid: Get more done with results as fast as 1.5 hours
  • Choice: Polystyrene or magnetic bead formats
  • Options: Measure total immunoglobulin or investigate the kappa to lambda light chain ratio