New Products for Immunology Research

The Bio-Techne brands, R&D Systems®, Novus Biologicals®, Tocris®, ProteinSimple®, and ACD, are always working hard to develop new products that will help to advance your research. Since we release new products weekly and the pace of research never slows down, we realize that it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on what new products or technologies are available. This guide is intended to highlight recently developed Bio-Techne products and resources that we feel are particularly relevant to immunology researchers. It includes:

  • Bioactive proteins for emerging immune checkpoint targets
  • Avi-tagged biotinylated recombinant proteins
  • New Tocris small molecules for immunology research
  • New R&D Systems and Novus Biologicals antibodies for immunology research
    • • Anti-idiotype and biosimilar antibodies
    • • Recombinant monoclonal antibodies
    • • Other new antibodies for immunology research
  • Cell Markers Interactive Resource Tool
  • New immunoassays for immunology research
  • Simple Plex Assays
  • New Luminex® Performance Discovery Panels
  • Single-Cell Westerns
  • RNAscope® ISH for inflammation, immuno-Oncology, and viral pathogen research
  • GMP-grade immune cell culture reagents

New Products for Immunology Research – Spring 2019

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