Expansion of Tregs from CD4+ Cells using Dissolvable Hydrogel Particles Functionalized with CD3/CD28 Antibodies

Nithya Jesuraj, Hannah Senior, Eric Frary, Chris Johnson, Sean Kevlahan


Cost of goods concerns are driving increased focus on improving the efficiency of manufacturing unit operations for regulatory T (Treg) cell therapies to treat autoimmune diseases. Treg cell manufacturing workflows frequently employ feeder cells or antibody-coated magnetic particles, which must be removed from the final cell product. This removal adds additional workflow steps and increases manufacturing costs. In this study, we used a dissolvable phase-change hydrogel to develop a technology that potently activates and expands Treg cells and eliminates magnetic particles from the manufacturing process. We hypothesized that these hydrogel particles functionalized with CD3 and CD28 antibodies, would activate and expand Tregs from CD4+ T cells.

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