MimEX GI is a Novel and Robust 3-D Gastrointestinal Tissue Model for Toxicology and Disease Modeling

S. Schachtele, F. Rinaldi, K. Flynn, D. Galitz, M. Anderson, S. Tousey, G. Herr, and J. Aho


Three dimensional (3-D) cell culture models of the gastrointestinal epithelium are quickly being adopted for toxicology, drug discovery*, and disease modeling. These more complex models provide a tremendous benefit over cell line- and primary cell-based methods, including the mimicking of native intestinal cytoarchitecture and importantly, the recapitulation of physiological attributes of the tissue. Researchers using current 3-D models, such as gastrointestinal organoids, experience difficulties with model variability, tissue viability, and experimental accessibility. Overcoming these obstacles is paramount for the logistical incorporation of 3-D tissues into high throughput toxicity and disease modeling workflows. Here, we introduce MimEX GI, an innovative human tissue model system that utilizes the unique characteristics of adult “ground-state” stem cells to generate 3-D gastrointestinal organ tissue on a 2-D surface. In this poster, we demonstrate that the MimEX GI platform can be used to clonally isolate and expand ground-state stem cells from specific regions of the adult gastrointestinal tract. Using MimEX Differentiation Media, we show that a high-density monolayer of region-specific gastrointestinal stem cells will differentiate back into its respective tissue of origin, ex vivo. This differentiation is uniform and is oriented such that the apical surface of the mucosa is accessible within the well. Finally, using a high throughput permeability assay, we demonstrate the barrier function of MimEX GI tissue, and its response to different molecules, as evidence for the flexibility of this tissue in high throughput drug screening.

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