How to Optimize and Standardize Stem Cell Differentiation

Joy Aho, PhD., Manager of Stem Cells Research and Development

Differentiated stem cell populations are increasingly used in regenerative medicine and toxicology screening. These studies require development of standardized differentiation protocols that minimize cross-experiment variability. In this webinar Dr. Joy Aho, Manager of Stem Cells Research and Development at Bio-Techne, discusses tools and techniques that are available to both novice and expert researchers for the optimization and standardization of stem cell differentiation. She will also discuss high-throughput methods for verifying and analyzing stem cell differentiation.

Topics to be covered:

  • Tools to standardize cardiomyocyte, hepatocyte, and pancreatic progenitor cell differentiation
  • Development of consistent individualized differentiation protocols
  • Stem cell analysis using ELISAs, Luminex® assays, and antibody-based arrays

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Recorded Oct 15, 2015