Save Big and Revolutionize Your Workflow!

A Unique and Efficient Workflow for Biomarker Discovery

Combine the power of Luminex® and Ella instrumentation to rapidly identify your biomarker(s) of interest. We are now offering a bundling opportunity for these two platforms. Each offer includes a unique workflow solution with the instruments, installation, and training by one of our application scientists.

Why consider this offer?

2 Reasons: Cost savings and improved efficiency! Ella saves hours of hands on time, and Luminex Assays measure up to 100 analytes simultaneously. Now get 2 instruments for one low price and get your free time back!

Choose the Ella plus Luminex package that fits your needs**

Purchase Ella and choose one of three Luminex Instruments to complete your bundle. A full catalog of assays is available for each platform.

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What will Luminex® bring to your research? A powerful discovery tool

  • Maximize your discovery by measuring up to 50 or 100 analytes simultaneously for magnetic or polystyrene beads, respectively
  • Personalize your Luminex Assays to include only the analytes you want to measure
  • Use our Luminex High Performance Assays to get the highest sensitivity and accuracy on the market

What will Ella bring to your lab? Rapid, high-fidelity biomarker validation

  • Run single or multiple analytes in only one hour, with low pg/mL sensitivity and single-digit CVs
  • Choose from more than 180 Simple Plex Assays, all powered by R&D Systems® reagents
  • Test multiple analytes simultaneously with zero cross-reactivity and a dynamic range of 4-5 logs
  • Minimal hands-on time leaves researchers free to perform other duties
  • Low sample volume requirement

Meet Ella

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**Terms and conditions: Offer only applies to North America customers who purchase directly with Bio-Techne. Not valid through our distribution network. Additional terms and conditions may apply.