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Cadherin-11, also known as OB-Cadherin, is a 120 kDa member of the classical Cadherin family of calcium-dependent adhesion proteins. Cadherin-11 is expressed in embryonic mesodermal tissues and contributes to the morphogenesis of the nervous and skeletal systems. It is expressed on osteoblasts in the adult where it promotes the differentiation of both osteoblasts and chondrocytes. Cadherin-11 is upregulated on breast cancer and prostate cancer cells which preferentially metastasize to bone. It facilitates this metastasis via homophilic adhesion to bone marrow stroma and osteoblast-expressed Cadherin-11. In the synovium, Cadherin-11 supports adhesion between synoviocytes but promotes cell invasion in synovitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Its upregulation in the vasculature following injury contributes to intimal hyperplasia by inducing smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation. In the nervous system, Cadherin-11 interacts with FGF R1 to promote neurite extension from spinal cord explants. An 80 kDa portion of the Cadherin-11 ECD can be shed by proteolytic cleavage, and this fragment competes with the full-length molecule for cell adhesion.


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Proteome Profiler Human sReceptor Array, Non-hematopoietic

Contains 4 membranes - 2 spotted in duplicate with 62 different non-hematopoietic antibodies and 2 spotted in duplicate with 57 common antibodies
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