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Coagulation Factor II/Thrombin: Products

Coagulation Factor II/thrombin is an essential component of the coagulation cascade in which it converts fibrinogen to fibrin, activates coagulation factors V, VII, VIII, XIII and forms complexes with protein C and thrombomodulin. It also activates platelets and regulates the behavior of additional cells through protease-activated receptors (PARs). A plasma serine protease, thrombin is synthesized as a 622 amino acid precursor with a 24 amino acid signal peptide and a 19 residue pro peptide. The mature chain can be further processed into several forms including those designated as alpha-, beta- and gamma-thrombin.

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Proteome Profiler Human sReceptor Array, Non-hematopoietic

Contains 4 membranes - 2 spotted in duplicate with 62 different non-hematopoietic antibodies and 2 spotted in duplicate with 57 common antibodies
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