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Ck beta 8-1 (SCYA23), a splice variant of Ck beta 8 (also known as MPIF-1), is a CC chemokine. Compared to Ck beta 8-1, Ck beta 8/MPIF-1 lacks a 17 amino acid residue stretch (Leu47-Gly 63) present in Ck beta 8-1 and has a unique arginine at residue 46. Ck beta 8-1/Ck beta 8 (MPIF-1) and leukotactin/MIP-1 delta form a subgroup of CC chemokines that have 6 conserved cysteine residues and an extended amino-terminus preceding the conserved cysteine pair. Ck beta 8-1 shares approximately 73% nucleotide sequence identity with leukotactin (MIP-1 delta).

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Human CCL23/Ck beta 8-1 Antibody

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