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DC-SCRIPT (dendritic cell-specific transcript; also ZNF366) is an 85 kDa member of the Cys-Cys:His-His subfamily of zinc-finger proteins. This subfamily is principally involved in protein-DNA interactions. DC-SCRIPT appears to be DC specific, and is expressed in myeloid DC, plasmacytoid DC and Langerhans cells. Human DC-SCRIPT is 744 amino acids (aa) in length. It contains an R-K-R-K NLS (aa 77-80), a Pro-rich region (aa 110-219), eleven C2H2-type zinc-fingers (aa 255-556) and an extended acidic region (aa 586-698). Over aa 559-744, human DC-SCRIPT is 68% aa identical to mouse DC-SCRIPT.

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Human DC-SCRIPT/ZNF366 Antibody

Flow, WBAF47072  
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