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Fatty acid binding proteins are small cytoplasmic lipid binding proteins that are expressed in a tissue specific manner. FABPs bind free fatty acids, cholesterol, and retinoids, and are involved in intracellular lipid transport. Circulating FABP levels are used as indicators of tissue damage. Some FABP polymorphisms have been associated with disorders of lipid metabolism and the development of atherosclerosis.

FABP1, also known as liver FABP (L-FABP, Z-protein and squalene-and sterol-carrier protein [SCP]) is highly expressed in the liver, intestine, kidney and lung. FABP1 binds free fatty acids and their co-enzyme A derivatives. FABP1 is thought to be involved in intracellular lipid transport.

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Mouse/Rat FABP1/L-FABP Antibody

IHC, SW, WBMAB15651  
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