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NETO2 is a neurospecific type I transmembrane protein belonging to the NETO family of proteins that share homology with the axon guidance receptors, neuropilin and the developmentally important metalloproteinase Tolloid/BMP-1. NETO proteins have two CUB domains, an LDL-receptor class A domain in their extracellular region and a conserved FXNPXY-like domain in the cytoplasmic region. A splice variant of NETO2 that lacks the CUB domains and most of the LDL class A domain has been reported. It is likely that like NETO1, NETO2 may be a synaptic protein with neurological function. Human and mouse NETO2 share 98% amino acid sequence homology in their extracellular domains.

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Human/Mouse NETO2 Antibody

IP, WBAF3859 
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