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Neprilysin-2 is a zinc protease of the Neprilysin family, which also includes Neprilysin, ECE-2, PEX, DINE, Kell and several NEP-like proteins. It is encoded by the human MMEL2 gene and is also known as SEP and Neprilysin-like 1. Highly expressed in testis and nervous system, the cDNA predicts a type II transmembrane protein with a short cytoplasmic tail and a large ectodomain. Both membrane-bound and soluble forms appear comparable with regard to model substrates, pH optima, and inhibitor profiles. Like the closely related Neprilysin, Neprilysin-2 substrates include Tachykinins and Enkephalins.

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Human Neprilysin-2/MMEL1 Antibody

IP, WBMAB23401  
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