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Placental Cadherin, also known as Cadherin-3, is a calcium-dependent transmembrane protein in the Cadherin family. The cytoplasmic domains of Cadherins associate with the three Catenins, alpha, beta, and gamma (plakoglobin) for linking to the cytoskeleton. Cadherins play a role in development, specifically in tissue formation. They may also help to maintain tissue architecture in the adult. P-Cadherin is constitutively expressed in the epidermis, mesothelium, corneal epithelium, and uterine decidua. Mutations in P-Cadherin are associated with hypotrichosis with juvenile macular dystrophy. P-Cadherin over-expression is observed in various malignant tumors and is often correlated with increased tumor motility and invasiveness.


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Proteome Profiler Human sReceptor Array, Non-hematopoietic

Contains 4 membranes - 2 spotted in duplicate with 62 different non-hematopoietic antibodies and 2 spotted in duplicate with 57 common antibodies
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