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TRPS1 (also GC79) is a 170-180 kDa member of the zinc finger family of transcription factors. It is ubiquitously expressed and serves to repress the expression of GATA-regulated genes. Human TRPS1 is 1281 amino acids (aa) in length. It contains nine divergent zinc-finger motifs (aa 222-1267), the seventh of which is associated with a GATA-binding sequence (aa 896-920) and is flanked by two NLSs (aa 886-891 and 946-952). Two SUMOylation sites exist (Lys1192 and Lys1201) and when utilized, they each add 40 kDa to the native MW. One alternative splice form shows premature truncation after Lys853. A second shows an alternate start site 13 aa upstream of the standard start site. Over aa 1-222, human TRPS1 shares 95% and 89% aa identity with canine and mouse TRPS1, respectively.

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Human TRPS1 Antibody

SW, WBAF4838 
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