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Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein 2 (UCP2) is a 33 kDa member of the mitochondrial carrier protein family. UCP2 uncouples respiration from oxidative phosphorylation, principally in fat and skeletal muscle. Unlike UCP1, which generates heat in response to cold, UCP2 generates heat in response to dietary fluctuations. Human UCP2 is 309 amino acid (aa) in length. It contains six transmembrane domains (aa 11-291) and is embedded in the inner mitochondrial membrane. Here, it dimerizes, forming a proton channel. There is one nucleotide binding site (aa 276-298). Full-length UCP2 shares 94%, 97% and 96% aa identity with porcine, canine and mouse UCP2, respectively.

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Human/Mouse UCP2 Antibody

SW, WBAF47391  
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