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VAMP-1 (vesicle-associated membrane protein 1; also synaptobrevin-1/SYB1) is an 18 kDa member of the synaptobrevin family of proteins. It is expressed in neurons, neutrophils and skeletal muscle cells, and participates in vesicle fusion with the plasma membrane. Human VAMP-1 is 118 amino acids (aa) in length. Human VAMP-1 is a type IV transmembrane protein that contains an N-terminal cytoplasmic region (aa 1 - 96) and a 22 aa transmembrane domain (aa 97 - 118). There is one coiled-coil region between aa 33 - 93. Over aa 1 - 96, human VAMP-1 is 98% aa identical to mouse VAMP-1.

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Human/Mouse VAMP-1 Antibody

IHC, WBAF48281  
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