Custom Proteins in a Plate

Proteins in a Plate

Your Choice of Ready-to-Use Proteins in a 96-Well Plate

If you are spending valuable time in the lab preparing plates to use in your research, allow R&D Systems, with its legacy of high-quality proteins, to lighten the load and streamline your process. Select from a library of over 5000 bioactive proteins, and our scientists will aliquot and map them in a 96-well plate to your specifications.

  • Choose from over 5000 available retail proteins
  • Proteins are provided in a ready-to-use liquid format
  • Ideal for high throughput screening
  • Save time and let us do the busy work
  • Have more time to focus on your important experiments

How it Works

Consult With Our Experts

Consult With
Our Experts

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Your Proteins

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Statement of
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Plate Manufacturing


Receive your Proteins in a Plate

Receive your
Proteins in a Plate


Once you submit your Proteins in a Plate request, a dedicated project manager will work with you and provide assistance through every step of the process. We will carefully prepare your plate using the same R&D Systems Proteins that you already know and use. A specified mass of liquid protein requested will be aliquoted at bulk storage concentration into a 96-well plate. When ready, we will ship you your custom proteins in a plate along with a plate map in an Excel file containing protein information, mass, concentration, and coordinates.

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About R&D Systems Custom Services

With over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing proteins, antibodies, and assays, R&D Systems delivers quality products and tools that support the life science community. R&D Systems offers a wide variety of custom solutions to help scientists attain their research goals, advance life science research, and support therapeutic breakthroughs. Leveraging the combined knowledge of our development scientists, we have built an extensive portfolio of product development and sample testing services. Our expert scientists will create high quality, customized reagents to your unique specifications.

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