Sample Types Tested & Validated Assays

Sample Types Tested

R&D Systems Biomarker Testing Service most often performs analysis using sample types that are typically evaluated during development of the R&D Systems assays. These include:

  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Cell culture supernates
  • Cell lysates
  • Urine
  • Human breast milk
  • Human saliva
  • Other (custom evaluation available for unique sample types)

If a desired assay has not been validated for your sample type, custom sample-type evaluation is available by Biomarker Testing Service. Typical sample type evaluation includes:

  • Spike and recovery to identify matrix interference
  • Linearity of sample dilution
  • Inter-assay precision & reproducibility (between different plates)
  • Intra-assay precision & reproducibility (within a plate)

Sample type evaluations confirm that a particular assay is suitable for the sample type in question. Our Biomarker Testing Service team will also perform assays using kits that are not manufactured by R&D Systems.

ELISA Kits & Development Reagents

Quantikine® Colorimetric Sandwich ELISAs

Quantikine ELISA Kits – a wide selection of quantitative ELISAs for measuring molecules in biological fluids.

Quantikine HS® Colorimetric Sandwich ELISAs, High Sensitivity

Quantikine HS ELISA Kits - greater sensitivity for samples containing very low levels of target molecule

Quantikine IVD® Colorimetric ELISAs, for In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Quantikine IVD ELISA Kits – 510(k) cleared for in vitro diagnostic use

QuantiGlo® Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISAs

QuantiGlo® ELISA Kits with broad dynamic range

Parameter™ Colorimetric Competitive ELISAs

Parameter Kits – competitive assays for cyclic nucleotides, eicosanoids, and more

Luminex Performance Assays

Bead-based kits designed for the simultaneous detection of process-related molecules in a single sample

More information about R&D Systems ELISAs

An overview of R&D Systems ELISA quality and performance

Validated Assays

R&D Systems is the most trusted supplier of cytokine immunoassays. R&D Systems Biomarker Testing Service utilizes our complete line of branded immunoassays that were developed and manufactured in-house. These assays are exhaustively tested for superior performance with regards to inter- and intra-assay precision, linearity of sample dilution, sensitivity, recovery of the specific biomarker, and interfering substances.

R&D Systems is the most referenced ELISA manufacturer

Biomarker Testing Service

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