Thousands of non-catalog monoclonal antibodies available!

For every monoclonal antibody in our catalog, we have multiple, additional non-catalog (sister) clones for the same target from the same and sometimes other hybridoma fusions. You can test these monoclonal antibody panels in your application to find the clone that produces optimal results. The exact antibody you are looking for could be hiding in our selection of non-catalog monoclonal antibodies. Complete the sister clone request form to see if additional clones are available for your antibody of interest.

What You Can Expect

  • All clones are positive in direct ELISA for the analyte
  • Discover an extensive panel of non-catalog antibodies
  • Receive a quote with accurate pricing and timeline
  • Explore other antibody projects: Recombinant antibody conversion, conjugation services, and more

Each clone is sold as a 100 µg test size. For availability and pricing information, please complete the sister clone request form.

Sister Clone Request