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Substrate Reagent Pack 

New! 16 Vials TMB ELISA Substrate

Substrate Reagent Pack 

8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B
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Newer Version Available: DY999B

Reagent Diluent Concentrate 2 

10X, 5 x 21 mL

Sample Activation Kit 1 

For acid activation and neutralization of samples in various immunoassays

ELISA Plate-coating Buffer 

250 mL of PBS

Reagent Additive 1 

Heat-inactivated Normal Goat Serum, Diluted

Glo Substrate Reagent Pack 

Reagent A & B

Reagent Diluent Concentrate 3 (5X) 

10 x 21 mL

Lysis Buffer 16 (1 x 21 mL) 

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