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Cannabinoid Receptors are seven-pass transmembrane proteins that belong to the rhodopsin family of G protein-coupled receptors.

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AM 251 

Potent CB1 antagonist; also GPR55 agonist

SR 141716A 

Selective CB1 inverse agonist

WIN 55,212-2 mesylate 

Selective high affinity CB2 agonist


Potent and highly selective CB1 agonist

AM 281 

Potent and selective CB1 inverse agonist

CB 13 

Potent dual CB1/CB2 agonist

AM 6545 

High affinity and selective CB1 antagonist

AM 4113 

High affinity and selective CB1 antagonist


Sleep-inducing brain lipid


Potent CB1 agonist; also anandamide transport inhibitor and TRPV1 agonist

Noladin ether 

Endogenous agonist for CB1 and GPR55


Endogenous CB1 agonist


Endogenous CB1 agonist; also vanilloid agonist and inhibitor of FAAH and AMT


Putative CB1 antagonist; displays mixed activity at CB receptors

Leelamine hydrochloride 

CB1 agonist

LY 320135 

Selective CB1 inverse agonist

Bay 59-3074 

CB1/CB2 receptor partial agonist

Tocrifluor T1117 

Novel fluorescent cannabinoid ligand; fluorescent form of AM 251 (Cat. No. 1117)

O-2545 hydrochloride 

High affinity, water-soluble CB1/CB2 agonist

Org 27569 

Potent allosteric modulator of CB1 receptors


Cannabinoid receptor partial agonist

MJ 15 

Potent and selective CB1 antagonist

CP 945598 hydrochloride 

CB1 antagonist

TC-C 14G 

High affinity and potent CB1 inverse agonist


Negative allosteric modulator of CB1 receptors

PF 514273 

High affinity and selective CB1 antagonist

NESS 0327 

Ultra-high affinity and selective CB1 antagonist

AVE 1625 

Potent and selective CB1 receptor antagonist
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