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ErbB2, also called Neu and Her2, is a transmembrane glycoprotein in the ErbB family of tyrosine kinase receptors for EGF superfamily growth factors. ErbB2 is widely expressed in epithelial cells and over-expressed in a large number of breast carcinomas.

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Custom Simple Plex Assay Panel 

Build your own Multianalyte or Multi-plex biomarker immunoassay panel for Ella

Simple Plex Human ErbB2/Her2 Cartridge 

Simple Plex Cartridge Kit for quantitation of ErbB2. Includes wash buffer and sample diluent. For use with the Ella automated immunoassay system.

Simple Plex Control for Human ErbB2/Her2 

Control for use with Human ErbB2/Her2 Simple Plex Cartridge Kit
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