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The Flt-3 (fms-like tyrosine kinase) receptor, also named Flk-2 (fetal liver kinase) and STK-1(stem cell tyrosine kinase) is a member of the class III subfamily of receptor tyrosine kinases that also includes c-kit, the receptor for SCF, and fms, the receptor for M-CSF.

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Mouse Flt-3/Flk-2 Antibody 

1 Image
CyTOF-ready, Flow, ICC/IF

Mouse Flt-3/Flk-2 Antibody 

CyTOF-ready, Flow, WB

Mouse Flt-3/Flk-2 Biotinylated Antibody 

Flow, WB

Mouse Flt-3/Flk-2 Antibody 


Proteome Profiler Mouse Phospho-RTK Array Kit 

Contains 4 membranes - each spotted in duplicate with 39 different RTK antibodies
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