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AR 420626 

FFA3 agonist

GW 9508 

Potent and selective FFA1 (GPR40) agonist

Grifolic acid 

Selective partial FFA4 (GPR120) agonist

TUG 891 

Potent and selective FFA4 (GPR120) agonist


FFA2 agonist; also exhibits positive allosteric modulatory activity

GSK 137647 

Potent and selective FFA4 (GPR120) agonist

AMG 837 hemicalcium salt 

Potent FFA1 (GPR40) partial agonist

AZ 1729 

FFA2 allosteric agonist; displays bias for the Gi signaling pathway

DL 175 

Potent and selective GPR84 agonist

Sorbic acid 

Activator of hFFA2-DREADDs
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