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Galectin-3, also known as Mac-2, L29, CBP35, and etaBP, is a secreted lectin that acts in anti-microbial immunity  by pathogen opsonization, macrophage recruitment, and the activation of mast cells and neutrophils. It can also contribute to chronic inflammation and fibrosis.

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Recombinant Human Galectin-3 Protein 

A New rh Galectin-3 is Now Available! Improved activity and purity; Mammalian cell expressed!
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Newer Version Available: 8259-GA

Recombinant Mouse Galectin-3 Protein 

A New and Improved rm Galectin-3 is Now Available! It is expressed in mammalian cells with a lower endotoxin spec.
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Newer Version Available: 9039-GAB
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