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IL-17E/IL-25 (Interleukin-25) is a cytokine that promotes Th2-biased immune responses. This is in contrast to other IL-17 family members which promote Th1- and Th17-biased inflammation. IL-25 is an important mediator of allergic reactions and protection against intestinal parasites.

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Recombinant Mouse IL-17E Protein 

A new and Improved rm IL-17E is available! It is NS0 expressed and has ~2 fold better activity!
Newer Version Available: 7909-IL

Recombinant Human IL-17E Protein 

A New and Improved rh IL-17E is Now Available! The new protein is mammalian cell expressed!
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Newer Version Available: 8134-IL/CF

Recombinant Rat IL-17E Protein 

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