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TRAM 34 

Potent and highly selective KCa3.1 (IK) channel blocker


Cytochrome P450 inhibitor; antifungal

NS 8593 hydrochloride 

Selective negative modulator of KCa2 (SK) channels; inhibits SK currents


Activates Cl- conductance and hKCa3.1 channels

SKA 31 

KCa3.1 (IK) and KCa2 (SK) channel activator

NS 309 

Positive modulator of KCa2 (SK) and KCa3.1 (IK) channels

NS 6180 

Potent KCa3.1 (IK) channel blocker

TRAM 39 

Potent KCa3.1 (IK) blocker

SKA 121 

Positive allosteric modulator of KCa3.1 (IK) channels

RA 2 

Potent negative modulator of KCa2.3 and KCa3.1 channels
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