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MMP-9 (Gelatinase B) is a metalloproteinase that degrades multiple extracellular matrix components including Gelatin, Collagens III, IV, V, and XI, Elastin, Nidogen-1, and Vitronectin.

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Simple Plex Human MMP-9 Cartridge 

Simple Plex Human MMP-9 assay kit for use on Ella instrument. Contains cartridge, sample diluent SD13, and wash buffer.

Simple Plex Control for Human MMP-9 

Control for use with Human MMP-9 Simple Plex Cartridge Kit

Custom Simple Plex™ Assay Panels 

Build your own multi-plex biomarker immunoassay panel for Ella™. Highly precise and reproducible. Choose from more than 250 fully validated target analytes.
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